How Organic Lavender Oil can be Better than Ointments

It is no secret that Organic Lavender Oil has a lot of uses for the skin. It is widely used by many people to treat a lot of skin disorders. Yes, from acne to simple rashes, Organic Lavender Oil has proven time and time again to be an effective salve and has even become a staple in a lot of medicine cabinets in households everywhere. The usage of this simple oil as a remedy for skin problems has become so popular though, that many people have begun to consider them better than regular ointments and medications. Though there is no denying that prescription ointments are really effective in clearing up skin problems, there are still some good reasons that make lavender oil a worthy alternative. Organic Lavender Oil should not be treated as replacement for actual medication, but here are a couple of areas where they trump modern ointments:

Not as oily as ointments

For something with the word “oil” in its name, the organic Lavender Oil is not really all that oily in terms of consistency and viscosity. Most ointments feel sticky and slippery at the same time. They sometimes so easily slip off the skin when not applied correctly. They also are very noticeable as their oil-like consistency make them very visible. Thus, when applied to the face or some area with a lot of acne or zits, the ointments noticeably make the face look a lot shinier and oilier. With Organic Lavender Oil, the skin absorbs the lavender oil quite easily and therefore does not give it an oily look.


Not-so Limited protection

Ointments, especially antibacterial ointments, are quite limited in protecting the skin in such that they are specific and limited to targeting one type of skin problem. Ointments meant to relieve acne are not as effective in taking away skin tags. Likewise, ointments that are specific to a skin problem cannot be carelessly applied to other types of skin problems as they make matters worse. As for Organic Lavender Oil though, it can be used on just about any kind of skin problem, the only thing for it to be different would be the amount and the way that it is applied and used.


Freedom of use

One thing that really limits the use of prescription skin medication is that most of the times, their use have to be regulated strictly. There are a lot of skin bacteria out there right now that have been the product of improper antibacterial ointment use. These bacteria have developed resistance due to not following proper directions for application. Some ointments need to have a certain amount of time interval before they can be used again. Some ointments, like corticosteroids that are used for rashes, need to be tapered off or else there would be dire consequences for the skin. For Organic Lavender Oil though, there is no such restriction, and as long it is done properly, it can be used freely on the area of skin with problems.


Adverse effects

Some ointments also have the bad side effects that come with being chemically potent. Adverse effects for these medications may range from slight itching to sometimes even systemic diseases and serious side effects. This is not really the case for Lavender Oil as it usually does not present any adverse or side effect that creates problem for the user. In fact, there are some times where it is safer to just use organic Lavender Oil other than some really unstable chemically potent ointment.


Natural is better

One other thing that makes Organic Lavender Oil a very good alternative to prescription medication is that its effects last longer and that it lets the skin breathes. When it really comes down to it, what the organic lavender oil has in spades against synthetic medication is the fact that it is natural and organic. There are a lot of effective and strong medications out there designed to get rid of serious skin rashes and large acne, but those are just synthetic medication made to destroy the invaders of the skin. Lavender Oil though, helps develop the skin to be a lot more resistant to damages and a whole lot stronger and healthier.


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