How You Smell Tells About You

We experience it every day. The extreme hot temperature when walking to work, you feel uneasy and excessively sweating yet still hope that your body odor will go unnoticed by your colleagues. It also happens in gyms when you are trying that workout routine and had been going easy on your personal hygiene. However, even if you don’t think that people aren’t noticing your body odor, you do have that unique smell of yours. Scientists call it “odor print”. It is the main reason why highly trained dogs can trace fugitives and when some perfumes smell a little different on each and every one. The odor print influences also our relationship to others and most especially our health. Below are the five things on what your scent means:


It could make you a mosquito magnet

Mosquitos are attracted to your odor. When you step out of the house at summer you may actually notice that a lot of mosquitos tend to fly towards you. On a study recently conducted on identical and fraternal twins, scientists have found out that the genes on each and every individual’s body can be linked to a reason why our body odor attracts mosquitos. Furthermore on the same study, scientists asked volunteers (74 of them) to put their hand into a tube while their identical or fraternal twin also put their hands on another hole. After which, the scientists released the mosquitos on the Y-shape tube. They have observed and noted which one of the twins mosquitos prefer to bite. The scientists concluded that the mosquitos on the fraternal twins like to bite a twin compared to the other while the identical twins got bitten equally. Mosquitos overall do not have preference when biting however some individuals are more prone to be attractive to the mosquitos than some other individuals. Many researchers hope to discover and understand more of which genes attract more mosquitos in the hopes of creating an effective mosquito repellants.

couple connection

It could find you a love connection

Based on several studies conducted to humans and animals, researchers believe that we become attracted to our partners because of their unique smell. Another study also conducted wherein researchers selected women and asked them to rate the shirts (worn on two consecutive days) of their male friends base on its smell indicating which of it they prefer the most. The result of the study suggested that women like the shirts worn by a man with a chemical odor totally distinct from them. Gary Beauchamp, a biospsychologist says that this claim could be partially true on most animals however when it comes to humans, some other factors may contribute in finding their partners.


It tattles when you’re stressed

Stress can cause anyone to sweat and it is scientifically proven anyway. There can also be a change in your body odor when you are constantly under stress. People may never notice this but dogs actually can detect it the same as how animals smell fear. Beauchamp agrees to this statement. Animals differ from humans as they do have more sensitive noses like the dogs for example. Dogs do smell stress when a human is experiencing fear. Fear on different conditions like challenges at work or difficult situations with family and friends. To be clear, stress does not change the intrinsic odor of your body, instead it is added on your personal smell. Beauchamp also says those animals that can clearly smell stress also can smell a human’s regular odor.


It makes you friends (or loses ’em)

Taking care of your personal hygiene is very important. Imagine going to work without taking a bath for a week, I assure you; you will eventually lose your friends for that matter. However, it has also been said that even if you don’t smell bad, you can still either attract new friends or ward them off. Scientists in Poland conducted an experiment on T- shirts and test the theory on how an odor can describe a personality. After the experiment, they concluded that individuals can make out distinction on personalities based on the way it actually smells. They asked 30 on both men volunteers and women volunteers each to put on the same T- shirts, cotton made for three nights straight. Then 100 men and women volunteers each were asked by the scientists to smell the shirts. They were also asked to give description on the personality of the beholder. In this study, the volunteers were guessing the personality of the owner’s right. They were right about those owners who were neurotic, extrovert, or dominant. So if your personality is dominant, the tendency is someone may smell and guess your personality before you have even introduced yourself.

health check

It speaks volumes about your health

Animals and humans both yield odors that may signify presence of illness says Baeuchamp. Having a disease is also a form of stress and it adds up to your odor print as well. While Beauchamp and other researchers are not quite sure why an illness may affect the body scent, they conducted another form of experiment and this time they are using dogs. In European Urology, a study was published before wherein a trained dog was tasked to smell people who have prostate cancer and has successfully identified 30 cancer patients out of 33. The goal of Beauchamp’s team is to diagnose patients illness base on their odor prints faster and more accurately compared to the leading diagnostic technologies nowadays.

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