Kinds of Facial Masks

There are many benefits of using facial masks. It does great results to your skin depending on what type of mask you are using. It can hydrate your face if you have dry skin and soothe sensitive areas. It can also purify, tone, and exfoliate your skin to clean out dirt and excess sebum that causes breakouts as well as other skin problems. A beauty therapist named Helen McGuinness said that face masks has six different types and these are cream, thermal, warm- oil, gel, natural and peel- off.

Whatever your skin type is (dry, normal to oily, mature) these face masks are suitable for you. Clay masks Substances of natural clay composes a clay mask. A clay mask can cleanse your skin deeply from your skin’s surface. It draws out skin dirt or impurities which causes skin problems then dries it and tightens your pores. If you have normal skin to oily type of skin, clay masks suits you. It can absorb excess sebum without damaging and without stripping your skin too much. A product you can try to buy is from the Nu Skin’s. It is a clay pack that helps unclog your pores. It has aloe vera and made of other cleansing agents safe for the skin.

Peel-off masks

Peel-off masks

There are a variety of masks for peel- off. These masks are the plastic type, the gel type, and the sub-types which are made of paraffin wax but that good in absorbing liquids compared to clay masks. A Peel-off mask can help tighten your skin for the meantime. There is also peel- off mask which stimulates the blood supply and these kinds of mask are an excellent choice for those people who have dry skim or mature skin type. A product that you can try is the Jafra Cooling Mask. It is said to firm your skim and infused with natural botanical extracts. Thermal masks

Thermal masks

To slowly heat up your face, you should use a thermal mask. These types of masks are for warming the surface of your skin tissues. The effect of this is that the skin is able to breathe. You should try the Boots Number 7 Sauna Mask. It enables your skin to heat up and encourages your pores to open. The after effect is very satisfying since it will leave your skin hydrated and feeling refreshed.

Cream masks

Cream masks

Emollient properties are incorporated on cream masks. These cream masks are used to soften the skim and good to use for people who have normal skin type to dry skin. It can also hydrate and gives vigor to the skin keeping it to look young because it adds moisture and keeps the skin supple. You can try the product from Estée Lauder. Their Resilience Lift Mask claims to moisturize the very dry skin and makes your skin look energize through their deep mask treatment.

gel mask

Gel masks

Gel masks are typically oil- free. They have the gel consistency like the Bio Calm Masque product. Gel masks are the best type of masks for people who have dry skin because it helps to hydrate the skin. It can also suit those who have oily skin type, combination skin as well as those who have sensitive and acne prone since it adds up enough water on the skin and not oil. Gel masks are naturally cold so they can also be used to soothe the skin and treat redness to those who have sensitive skin type and those who have sunburns. The gel masks are commonly used during summertime because it cools the skin and refreshes it during the extreme humid temperature.

Warm oil

Warm-oil masks

Spas are the popular patrons of the warm- oil mask. These masks are incorporated with the richness of ingredients such as almond oil, vitamin oil, or olive oil. A warm- oil mask is good for those who have dry skin type to mature skin type. This kind of masks makes the skin soft and increases the blood circulation into the face area then it leaves your skin glowing and nice to touch.

avocado mask

Natural masks

From its name natural masks, it is made from the rich natural extracts of different kinds of plants, herbs, fruits like the papaya, oatmeal, and cucumber. You can try the Korres Tyme Mask. This mask deeply moisturizes the skin keeping it plump and well hydrated. This natural mask is good for people who have normal skin type to dry skin because it contains natural thyme and honey.

How to use face masks?

  • Always read the instructions written on the label of the product you are about to use. Understand and follow the instructions carefully.
  • Apply the mask (clay, peel-off, thermal, cream, warm-oil, and natural) on your face evenly using your clean fingers or using the mask brush.
  • Leave the mask on your face and let it dry for some time depending on the instructions written on the label of the product being used.
  • After which, follow also the instructions on how to remove the mask on your face. Some masks are hard to remove depending on the product type. While other masks can be washed off easily by rinsing warm water, there are also products that can be removed by using cotton pads soaked before in warm water or wiping off gently with a damp cloth.

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