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Facts and Why People Choose Us

  • Most potent organic lavender oil formula available on the market today.
  • Coming from the Lavender Capital of the World - Provence.
  • 100% organic, 100% pure, 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • We offer an honest money back guarantee. If you do not like our provence lavender oil you can return it within 30 days and we will issue you a full refund. No questions asked.

Comments From Our Users

A gift of Provence, France to the world

Provence, France is without a doubt one of the most beautiful places in the world. It is a wonderfully situated area of France that has a bountiful climate and environment. The weather in Provence is that of a nice Mediterranean climate with just a touch mild coolness. This is exactly why Provence provides and produces the world’s best Organic Lavender Oil. Sure, there are lots of other countries and places that produce Organic Lavender Oil but Provence just grow the most natural and rich Lavenders that have the most natural and rich oils. But what makes Lavender oil so important? Lavender Oil actually has been found to have a myriad of healing and rejuvenating qualities that just does wonders for both the body and mind.

A Stressed Person’s Best Friend Organic Lavender Oil is first and foremost a relaxing oil. It has been widely used throughout the whole world as an oil that not only enhances relaxation but also actively combat stress. People with stressful jobs are sure to benefit from a session of sensual massage with Organic Lavender Oil. The oil promotes the relief of tension in the muscles and help alleviate pains in the back and neck and various other parts that are stressed out after a hard day’s work. The Organic Lavender Oil can also help soothe headaches and migraines that come with a tension-filled day. Organic Lavender Oil is also renowned for its Anxiety-relieving capabilities. With the use of Lavender Oil therapy, anxiety and panic attacks tend to decrease and resolve. Lavender oil therapy has proven to be quite effective and able to reduce anxiety to a more manageable level, making it a good thing to try out before taking medications. Organic Lavender Oil is also a great treatment for insomnia and sleeping disorders. Using the oil on pillows and/or applying it on the forehead before trying to fall asleep. Using Organic Oil regularly also assists in regulating and keeping a healthy sleeping schedule.

The Beauty Secret Where Organic Lavender Oil really shines in terms of its beauty enhancing qualities. Lavender Oil has been known to be very effective in doing away with skin irritations. It has properties that make it mild on the skin and tough on skin invaders like fungi and acne. Organic Lavender Oil has also been found to be very adept at removing blemishes from the face; leaving it with a healthy and pretty glow. Lavender Oil is also considered to be much more effective than petroleum jelly in moisturizing the skin and is especially effective in helping with chapped lips. Provence’s Organic Lavender Oil is also excellent in healing and maintaining the hair and the scalp. Alopecia, or physiological baldness is something that other than Lavender oil, few can remedy. The oil helps strengthen hair follicles and give the hair a thick and healthy foundation. Through massaging the scalp, or with hot lavender oil treatment, hair loss can be easily remedied and prevented. Lavender Oil can also help maintain and give a healthy shine to nails. People who constantly use Lavender Oil on their nails usually say that they no longer need to apply nail polish on their nails.

A First-Aid Kit MUST Organic Lavender Oil is also one of the most efficient oils out on the market when it comes to health remedies. It is a very good healing salve for cuts. It helps reduce scarring and is very useful in situations where cuts should be disinfected while preventing further inflammation. Lavender Oil is very effective in cleaning out wounds and is actually a very good antiseptic for scratches and rashes. Burns can also be relieved by regular application of Lavender Oil. People with chicken pox or scurvy could also benefit from Lavender Oil’s healing qualities. Lavender is also great for people who underwent surgery recently and need to have fast healing for their surgical wounds. Also of great importance is Lavender Oil’s benefits in healing toothaches and earaches. In alleviating pain, there is nothing greater than using non-synthetic medicines. Lavender Oil is as natural and as organic as it can get and is just as effective as other chemically altered oil for pain relief.

One the World’s Greatest Travel Buddy Bringing along a bottle of Organic Lavender Oil could also help much during traveling or just basically being away from home. When camping, Lavender Oil can effectively be used as an insect repellant which can work on just about everything from mosquitoes to bees. When having menstruation, Lavender Oil can also aid in providing comfort during menstrual cramps. It can even be more effective than other oral medications for menstrual cramps. One of the greatest things that make Organic Lavender Oil a perfect travel companion is that it can be used as a deodorant. Lavender Oil not only controls odor, it kills the bacteria that creates the unpleasant odor. Lavender Oil can also be used as a perfume or cologne as it is sweet smelling without being very strong towards the nose. Lavender Oil can also be used to make bath salts for when away from the nearest store that sells bath salts. It works just as well and gives off an amazing scent as a bonus.

A Tonic for the Tummy There are a ton of other uses for Lavender oil. One thing that many people don’t seem to see Lavender Oil as is a great laxative and regulator of bowel movement. Organic Lavender Oil promotes bowel activity by stimulating the movement of the intestines. It can also be considered as a way to get rid of constipation and cure hemorrhoids. There are still other uses for Organic Lavender Oil such as regular treatment for asthma and coughs. Lavender Oils may not seem like they are very good at anything other than making something smell good, but they sure are full of purpose. Really, a household without Organic Lavender Oil is no household at all.

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