Happy users of the Provence Organic Lavender Oil have given their two cents about the product. We would also like to hear from you and encourage you to tell us your story too!

“As someone who has been diagnosed with Anxiety, I could not really begin to talk about how much Lavender Oil has helped me. Lavender oil is especially useful as it is aromatic. I use it whenever I need to stay calm and to get rid of my anxiety. Whenever I find myself panicking even a little, I would rub a little amount on my forehead. It works like a charm. I have suffered fewer Anxiety Attacks ever since. I also like how it is also very effective in relieving m long-standing insomnia. I get to sleep earlier and better now because of this wondrous oil.”-Vanessa L.

“I work at an animal preservation, so from time to time I get insect bites on me. I used to spend a lot of money on anti-histamines for when I get bit and just seem to find them lacking in effect. I discovered using Lavender Oil was a far more efficient and natural way to go about things. Now whenever I leave home for work I bring a bottle of Natural Lqvender Oil with me. If ever I get an insect bite or just have any irritation on my skin, I find that a few drops are all it takes to make them go away.”-Aimee

“For someone who has had trouble sleeping for years now, I practically tried everything. I went from drinking warm milk to taking sleeping pills. Nothing seemed to work- at least not as well as I’d hope. Then a friend told me to buy a diffuser for my room so I can sleep well. I never really expected to have great results until I tried using Lavender Oil on the diffuser. I have never had better sleep.” -Lexi T.

“I am a bath kind of girl. I really can’t end a day unless I take a relaxing bath. I found that Lavender Oil really makes a nice addition to the bath experience. It really takes away my stress.”-Cynthia

“I discover new uses for Lavender Oil every day! It’s like this oil is a magic potion. Just this morning I found out it could be used to enhance flavor in cooking. I now put a couple of drops on whatever I cook anything.”-Torri

“In my job I usually end up having dried lips a lot. I drink enough water and do not sweat so much but my lips still just end up chapped. I used to apply lipstick and lip gloss for my chapped lips but these days it’s just not cutting it anymore. Good thing though that I recently read an article on the internet about how I could get rid of my lip’s dryness. I have been using Lavender Oil for two weeks now and I have to say it is working so well.”-Jinky Wardlow

“Hygiene is not really an issue for me but I still get dermatitis. I’ve practically tried everything. I’m not really much of a fan of synthetic drugs because I have had my fair share of adverse reactions on my skin. Instead, I tried out this advice my cousin gave me. I went and bought Lavender Oil and started applying a couple of drops to my affected skin. Not only did it help take away the massive itch that the dermatitis gave me, it also cleared up my skin. This is a perfect ten in my book.”  -Matilda K.


“In my high school days up to now I get bad cases of acne from time to time. I used this oil on my face and it took away all of the acne. What I really like about this oil is that not only does it rid me of the acne, it also helps in keeping it away. It is also a breeze to apply it on my face as it really does not sting at all unlike other drugs and medication. If you want a harmless cure to your acne, this is one home treatment you can always count on.”-Georgina


“I really like having my back massaged with Lavender Oil. It really is one of the most relaxing experiences in the whole world since I not only have my backaches alleviated, but also get to enjoy the relaxing scent of the oil. Truly something to llok into for people who like massage sessions.”-Cassie

“Lavender Oil has helped me in my insomnia. Now I sleep better and on a more regular schedule.”-Elaine Palen

“Forgie me for saying this, but I really hate insects and bugs!  I get bit so much in a day. I also understand that it’s partly because I own a couple of dogs that usually go out the back yard and play very regularly. Sometimes they leave fleas on my furniture and I just get bit. Lavender Oil has really helped soothe my bites and these days I just don’t mind them too much since the oil prevents the irritation. I really don’t worry much about these pests anymore.”-Jane

“I would never have thought that Lavender Oil could bevery handy as a home remedy. I once had a nosebleed in the house and didn’t really know what to do. I read online that Lavender Oil can help so I followed the instructions and stopped my nosebleed. I also read that it can help in treating wounds and cuts. I’ll be sure to keep one in my cabinet for such cases.”-Cathy Perez

“I  do a lot of outdoor trekking. Whenever I go hiking or camping, I make sure to bring a bottle of Lavender Oil with me. It does wonders for scrapes and cuts. It helps clean and disinfect the scrapes and is very gentle and does not sting at all. I also love how it also doubles as an insect repellant and is really very good at taking care of insect bites.”-Jenny Cozart

“Being a cook in a small restaurant, I get burns very regularly and it really helps me to have something very effective and soothing nearby. Lavender Oil has helped me in that front as it is just about the only thing I use on my minor burns. I do”t know about other people but I usually have the burning sensation gone in a matter of minutes after I apply the oil. Also, it allows me to heal without scars or any lasting damage. I can even continue on cooking despite being burned because the oil doesn’t get in the way.”-Maybelle T.


“I have agoraphobia and am very much not a strangers person. Whenever I go out into open spaces with many people in it, I would feel very anxious. Luckily, I read about Lavender Oil’s soothing effect for people who have problems with their nerves and their anxiety. I just apply a bit of Lavender Oil on my forehead and have a little smell and then I am good to go.”-Andrea

“Lavender Oil really changed my life! It was the day before my wedding day and I don’t know if it was the stress of all the preparation or just the excitement of the occasion but my face out with acne. I was really dismayed since I had a wedding in less than 24 hours and suddenly have this ugly zit on my face. My best maid gave me some Lavender Oil saying it would help and even though I felt a little doubtful about its ability to help me, I still used it. No joke, the zit disappeared the next day. I really am thankful that Lavender Oil saved my wedding for me.”-May R.

“I probably have the most sensitive sinuses in the world. Just a couple of minor irritants can really give me a very bad case of sinusitis. I practically run on Antihistamines when I am out and in dusty places. I later discovered that to remedy this, I just have to use Lavender Oil for some Aromatherapy. I get a bowl and put a couple of drops of Lavender Oil and hot water in it and then I inhale the steam. It really helped me with my sinusitis. Not only that, it made my sinus a lot more resistant to irritants.”-Janice Mcgraw

“My periods give me the most painful menstrual cramps. I have taken to using Lavender Oil for remedy. At first, I used Pain relievers but afterwards I decided not to rely on medications and to just trust natural cures for my period pains. A lot of people relieve menstrual cramps by simply applying the oil on their belly. I go a little further by using the oil in a hot compress. It really works so well with warm compress since it also increases and promotes the circulation around the area, not only is it very good at taking away the pain but it also helps in preventing future cramps. I really recommend it to those whose menstrual cramps are very painful.”-Rena A.

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