The Basics of Body Scrubbing

body scrubbing

 Have you tried making scrubs at home? Well, it is so easy. I have made a beauty scrub recipe at home before and I am so proud of what I have made myself. Scrubbing for five whole minutes as a prep time for your skin is so worthy. After scrubbing you get to see the results immediately which are pretty amazing right? You might see your skin as good looking as it has never been before since your skin will feel so good to touch and glowing after you do your scrubbing session. There are several different ways on how you can create a DIY scrub. As easy as one, two, three, do not be afraid. Read more below as I will be breaking it down for you the equation I am following when I make a scrub at home.

 Basic Recipe for a Homemade Beauty Body Scrub

  • Exfoliator, 1cup (salt, sugar, coffee grounds, baking soda, oatmeal, or ground rice)
  • Liquid, 1/2 cup (honey, milk, coconut oil, or olive oil)
  • Any fun add ons about 2-3 tbsps (citrus, herb & spices, tropical fruit, chocolate, or essential oils)

Put an ample amount of exfoliator in a container or bowl then add slowly the liquid and stir the mixture. Do not over stir though as the texture of the mixture might become runny. You only want a mixture with a consistency that can be easily scooped out by your fingers. Store it in a tight container, the one with a fit lid. Create and double the recipe if you need to keep some of it for quite some time.

A Guide for a Homemade Beauty Body Scrubs

 List of Exfoliant Options


If you want an overall body scrubbing, salt as an exfoliate can be an excellent choice. This type of exfoliant eliminates those rough and dry patches or dead skins on the surface of your skin. Select among which you prefer; Sea salt, Epsom salt, or Kosher salt.


Another great type of exfoliant is the sugar. It does a two way job of shaving the legs and scrubbing it as well. If you prefer to avoid sting, choosing sugar instead of salt is a good move. If you want to exfoliate the area of your face then you should choose a finer exfoliant than salt since it can cause your skin to be irritated. Fine sugar can be an alternative for this. It acts as a physical exfoliant on your face however, be sure always to avoid your eyes.

Coffee grounds

A favorite exfoliant when it comes to DIY scrubbing is ground coffee. It is earth friendly as well. Ground coffee treats cellulite by using it as an exfoliant or molds some of it into cubes which is good for stretch marks.

Baking soda

You already have this at home. This product is quite versatile since it can be used in different forms. Baking soda as a cleanser is good for every skin type but specifically targets oily skin. Mix baking soda (1 teaspoon) to the facial cleanser you normally use. You can also create a paste like mixture of it by adding honey. This can help absorb the extra oil and balances the pH of your skin.


If you have sensitive skin, better use oatmeal as an exfoliator. You can use oats for gentle body scrubbing or facial scrub.

Ground rice

This type of exfoliator is gentle for the skin (body and face) because of its texture. It is also oil free.

milk body scrub

List of Liquid Options


For sensitive skin, honey is a perfect choice since it is well- known for its soothing and healing properties on acne prone or irritated skin. Use the raw honey to calm any form of redness or inflammation on the skin’s surface.


Lactic acid which can be found on milk is a good form of exfoliator. It provides moisture to the skin (creams or full fat). Coconut milk has fat contents which is great for moisturization minus the greasy feeling.

Coconut oil

Can be applied on both body and face, coconut oil can be used as a scrub in order to provide moisture and promote skin healing. The coconut oil is relaxing to the body and mind. It is also ideal for natural moisturization use. Lauric acid that can be found in coconut oil contains restructuring properties which can help protect the skin and making it soft.

Olive oil

A multitasker oil, the olive oil is a perfect ingredient for scrub. It is quietly accessible and very much affordable. If you do not want avocado oil or almond oil, you may use olive oil instead.

 Add Ins

  • Citrus
  • Herbs & Spices
  • Tropical fruit: mangoes, papaya, pineapple
  • Chocolate
  • Essential oils: Tea tree. peppermint, vanilla. grapefruit, lavender, geranium

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