The New Skin Trend: Dry Brushing

Most people pay careful attention and meticulously care for their skin or areas such as the face. They double cleanse, exfoliate, and apply moisturizer on a daily basis and do this routinely as to help maintain the healthy look of their skin. Many of us carefully look out for the skin in our face. We tend to exfoliate, moisturize and clean our face regularly. But the question is, he’s you able to take care of your skin on the other part of your body aside from your face?

The skin is the largest body organ you have. If you want to really pay attention on the health of your skin, there’s a simple wellness regimen you can surely add the next morning you go inside the bathroom, it’s dry brushing. Dry brushing can do a lot of advantages for your skin’s health in a way that it goes skin deep level to clean and remove dead skin cells to reveal a more radiant looking skin.


7 Great Benefits

The skin is an organ of elimination and with its complex system it is composed of several glands, nerves, as well as cell layers. When the skin is healthy, it can serve as a buffer system that acts to give protection over your body from any harmful chemicals or pollutants and very hot or cold temperature.

The skin also creates antibacterial substances that help protect it from different kinds of infection plus it stimulates the production of vitamin D in your body when exposed under the heat of the sun enables your body to produce vitamin D when exposed to the sun.

One more important role of skin is detoxification. The body’s toxins are excreted through the skin and through dry brushing; it can help to unclog pores, remove dead cells, and excrete toxins that are trapped in the skin’s layers efficiently.

On the other hand, while on the process of detoxifying, it also activates waste removal via the lymphatic system. Despite this, dry brushing still gives many great benefits for the skin.

Stimulate Your Lymphatic System

 The lymphatic system’s main work is to remove waste products from the cells. A process known as the lymphatic drainage facilitates the elimination of wastes from the tissues then sent in the blood stream

Once the lymphatic is nonfunctional, the toxins and wastes can pile up on your body and make you feel sick. A lymphatic obstruction can happen and is the leading cause of inflammation and diseases. With the help of dry brushing, it can gradually facilitate the releasing of toxins and other waste products on the skin by trying to stimulate the lymphatic system


Dry brushing aids in the removal of our skin’s dead dry layers while simultaneously improving the skin’s look, deeply cleaning clogged pores, allowing the skin to finally “breathe.”

Increase Circulation

 Doing the dry brush on a daily bases increases blood circulation to the skin therefore encouraging the removal of both metabolic and cellular waste products.

Reduce Cellulite

When you try on dry brushing, it helps soften the fats deposits deeply rooted on your skin and at the same time dispenses more fat deposits evenly. This can helps in softening fat deposits that are already too hard located under the skin and distribute the fats evenly. As a result, the cellulite present in the skin slowly disappears.

Dry brushing also is known to decrease cellulite appearance through the removal of toxins that causes the connective tissues to collapse. Some other believes the result is just a short- term effect. Basically, the skin becomes more swollen and thick after several routine brushing.

Stress Relief

When brushing your skin, you reduce tension among your body’s muscles, calm your nerves and mind eventually relieving stress.

Improve Digestion and Kidney Function

When dry brushing, you clean your skin to a great depth, assisting the different organ functions.


 Skin brushing became popular because it makes you feel good about yourself particularly your body. People who regularly practice dry brushing feels active and lively. They also have healthy glowing and radiant tightened skin.


Dry Brushing Basics

You will need an excellent quality of dry brush for this. Select the ones with natural looking bristles. The bristles should be firm but not too much. Choose long- handled brushes to be able to reach the different areas of your body.

Do dry brush one to two times a day for best results. Include this on your morning routine during shower and also after work. Not necessarily before bedtime because it can make you feel energized.

When doing the brushing, move your brush in the direction of your heart. This is good for the lymphatic system and your body’s circulation. Brush your whole body and start from the bottom part (your feet) then brush upwards up to your leg area then next is to your arms, then your chest up to the back area and lastly your stomach. Do not try to brush on your face because the face is so sensitive including your genitals.

Do not apply so much pressure on your skin while brushing. You should be firm but not to the extent like you are “scrubbing” it. You can brush up to 20 minutes maximum and your skin must be color pink after the session not color red as it signifies skin irritation.


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