Why Carrots Are Best For Your Skin


You might have heard people saying eat a lot of carrots so that you will have good eyesight. Yes it can be true however in reality; carrots are rich in different kinds of nutrients which is highly recommended for your health in a variety of ways. What people fail to notice is taking in carrots or carrot juice regularly can promote real beneficial effects on your skin.

Some other people likes to use and buy products which are commercially made for skincare rather than spend their money on products derived from natural ingredients. Well, the disadvantage for that is while they spend lots of money to maintain their skin, they are also exposed to different kinds of harmful chemicals which causes variety of adverse effects to the skin especially to those people who have acne prone sensitive skin.

When you are drinking carrot juice in a regular basis, you will be surprised to notice certain changes in your digestion, in your skin appearance, as well as in your energy level. Without a doubt, drinking fresh carrot juice makes up a healthier choice than taking in vitamins of a tablet or a pill form. More importantly, the nutrient content packed in a single carrot juice serving provides long lasting benefits for your body in the future.

Improves vision

Carrots are really excellent for the eyes as the old saying goes to say. The carrots are high in beta- carotene, converted by the liver to obtain vitamin A. This vitamin A then is being changed completely by the retina to create rhodopsin (the purple pigment absolutely needed for low light conditions). This beta-carotene serves also to prevent senile cataracts and macular degeneration. One study shows that those people who consume large quantities of beta- carotene lower the risk of any macular degeneration by 40% compared to those who eat a little.

Helps prevent cancer

According to some studies, carrots have shown a significant effect in reducing the risk of cancers such as in the lungs, breast and colon. Falcarinol, a compound produced in a carrot that acts as a natural pesticide to protect its roots of any fungal disease. In fact, carrots are the only source of Falcarinol. Another study showed to lower the risk of acquiring cancer by 1/3 in an experiment conducted to rats eating carrots.

Slows down aging

The high beta-carotene content of carrots is considered an antioxidant to cells being damage daily in the body through the process of metabolism. Beta-carotene also aids in slowing down the aging process of cells.

Promotes healthier skin

Antioxidants and vitamin A helps keep our skin healthy and protects the skin from the harmful rays of the sun. If a person lacks vitamin A, the skin, nails, and hair will be prone to dryness and can cause damage or brittleness. Vitamin A is responsible in preventing skin problems such as premature wrinkling, blemishes, uneven skin color, dry skin, and even acne.


Helps prevent infection

Carrots play a significant role in preventing infection. It is acknowledged by herbalist and used as a medicine for cuts. It should be boiled and then mashed after or thinly cut into raw.

Promotes healthier skin (from the outside)

Carrots are being used as a budget- friendly and natural face mask. You can simply make it by just mixing up small pieces of grated carrots and add a few amount of honey.

Prevents heart disease

Several studies have shown that consumption of diets rich in carotenoids appear to be closely related with the lower risk in acquiring heart diseases. Carrots are a high source of beta-carotene as well as a great source of lutein (a naturally occurring carotenoid) and alpha- carotene (a highly potent antioxidant). By eating carrots regularly, it lowers the risk of cholesterol related diseases also because of the high soluble fiber ingredients that can be found on it that binds with the bile acids.

Cleanses the body

The liver cleans out toxins in the body with the help of vitamin A. Furthermore, vitamin A helps control the fats and bile inside the liver. The fiber that can be found in carrots can aid in flushing harmful toxins out from the colon and accelerates movement of waste products.


Protects teeth and gums

Carrots help your mouth and teeth healthy. It acts like a toothpaste or toothbrush to remove any food particles and plaques in your teeth. Moreover, carrots act as a stimulant. It creates a stimulus in the gums to initiate the production of saliva (alkaline) then keeps the chemical balance of acid- cavity forming bacteria present in the mouth. On the other hand, the minerals that can be found in carrots helps prevent any form of tooth damage.

Prevents stroke

Adding up carrots in our diet can be very beneficial. According to a study done by the Harvard University, they have found out that those people who eats more than five carrots in a week are less prone to suffer any kind of stroke compared to those who eat carrots only once a month.

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